Forbes new list: Top stars Earning?


Forbes magazine publishes the list of top 100 stars in the last year, Forbes Magazine


DD Sean Combs (130 million dollars or 13 million),
Grammy Award-winning American rapper Sean DD kampasa number two on the list was last year. This year’s number one jump. Not only from the album, many of his business has increased his income.
2. Beyonce noyelasa (105 million dollars or 10 million to 50 million dollars),
American pop star Beyonce’s income has increased this year. From the 34th in the list, number two in this year. His new album, Lemonode, has earned a lot of money from him. Her husband JZ list at 55.

3. JK Rowling (95 million or 9 million to 50 million dollars),
Harry Potter author JK Rowling, known as the returns of the top 100 list. Harry Potter and the Curled Child, a two-episode drama, and his works, made a huge amount of money in the past year, from the Fantastic Beast.

4. Drake (94 million or 9 million to 40 million US dollars)
of Canadian hip hop star last year, moved up four to No. 69 on the list. Branded endorsements like Nike, Sprite, and Apple have earned huge revenue.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo (93 miliyana or 9 million to 30 million US dollars)
Real Madrid star has started down the steps, just one more than last year’s list. Apart from football, he earns regular income from brand endorsements.

6. The Weekend (9 million or 9 million to 0 million),
the Canadian star for the first time entered the top ten list. Her last album Starbay was at the beginning of the sale in America in 2016.

Media American Howard Stern ($ 90m) Pop band Cold Play (69.33 million dollars) on 8, Best selling writer James Patterson (9 million), US basketball star L’Bron James ($ 86 million) at number 10.

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