Fearless protests in Times Square!


As part of the fierce protests, public gathering in the streets about 200 models. These models are nude standing on the streets of New York’s Times Square.

New York’s famous tattoo artist Andy Golab made his bodypinting. Each model has its nude body in the colorful canvas, which is part of their protests.
It is known that this special body painting exhibition was organized to deliver positive message to the society. This special exhibition lasted for about four hours.

About this special exhibition, the Golab said that special message has been delivered through this body painting. The general public around the United States presidential election has expressed their expression in the exhibition.

Several important messages have been given through this special body painting. These include ‘Art is free’, ‘Friends make the world goAround’, ‘My Body My Art’ and ‘Ask Me Like I Love My Body’. The busy streets of Times Square were made in these nude body body painting.

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