In Qatar, 15 years in prison in support of Qatar


The United Arab Emirates threatened the government, saying that if anyone expresses sympathetic speech to Qatar, then he will be sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.

The UAE Attorney General says that if posted in social media, supporting the Dohar government, he will be considered a cyber crime.

Following the neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf, they are planning to bring food from Iran and Turkey by airbag.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and several Gulf countries have cut diplomatic relations with Qatar for accusing them of terrorism.

Meanwhile Turkey has promised, they will submit a bill in parliament to send troops to Qatar’s military base.
The news from Iran and Turkey is being told that they plan to send food and water to the country to face Qatar’s food crisis.

The Arab countries of the Persian Gulf have proposed the mediation of this crisis among the Arab countries.

Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash of the United Arab Emirates denied the allegation that they wanted to alter Qatar’s state power with some Gulf countries. He opined that Qatar is the main patron of extremism and terrorism in that region.

Qatar relies on imports for food and water. The government is continuing negotiations in order to import food and water from Iran, Turkey and several other countries, said some Qatar officials.

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