Nepal will again scale Everest height


The Nepal government has decided to recapture the height of the Everest for two years. The reason is that the height of the Everest in the 2015 earthquake has changed.

According to the Survey of Nepal, the height of Everest is estimated 8 848 meters (29, 29 feet) according to the survey’s survey office. But the geographic location of Everest seems to have changed.

Kathmandu Post newspaper quoted Nepalese officials as saying that for the next two years they should measure the height of the Everest. In addition, there will also be visible impact on climate change. The entire survey will cost around $ 1.5 million The height of Everest will be measured from the three corners of this mountain. Sherpah will carry surveying equipment for this survey and take it to the top of the mountain.

But Nepal’s initiative is not the only initiative to measure the height of the Everest. Last week the Directorate of India surveyed declared the same work.

Many geologists believe that the Mount Everest peak in the earthquake in 2015. Many people think that a stone crater collapsed on Mount Everest Hillary step. Although there is a debate on this. Hilary Step is considered the latest obstacle in the climbing Mount Everest.

Last month a British mountaineer claimed that the rocket collapsed in the 2015 earthquake. However, Sherpas of Nepal, along with the protest, said that the rockstone is in the previous place. It may be covered with snow.

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