Again the fear of cyber attacks around the world


Again the fear of cyber attacks around the world. The new malware in front of ICT experts is not cutting the fear of ransomware.

This year’s fear is even more. Because the new malware does not click, the computer may be harmed. German cyber security experts report that criminals are currently hacking websites with the help of a malware downloader. That is, in many cases, when the mail opens, it is entering the computer.
All these works are being done by installing ‘Banking Trojans’ with malware downloader. In this new process, without any clicking on the mouse, the mouse pointer is inserted into a special hyper link and the virus is entering the computer. Thus, several medium-sized business houses were targeted in Europe and Africa. Using e-mails Common terms like ‘invoice’ and ‘order’ are being used. With a PowerPoint presentation. In which one particular hyperlink is the victim of hacking when the mouse is taken.

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