Facebook search options are going off


At the moment, Facebook is one of the most popular media without which it is impossible to move a minute. So, continuing the efforts of the Facebook organization is continuing how to do better.

For which Facebook is bringing new features every day. Opening this profile shows a small room below the profile picture. It’s basically ‘search bar’ This time Facebook is running this feature.
There is a search bar in Facebook, then what is the reason to add another one? The question of users may come to mind. The new search bar will basically find information in a particular range. This kind of Facebook testing is not new. A Facebook spokesman said that perhaps this search option could be turned off.

The main reason for this being that, most of the new search bars are in the main search bar. Suppose you are looking for some annoying post with your favorite man, which has the word ‘party’. Then your name, the name of the favorite person and the word “party” will be written in the new search bar, this related post will appear on your screen. But this matter may be a little confusing to many people.

Facebook is basically trying to improve the feature of search. It also works with the facility named ‘Last Conversation’. This is an advantage, the recent public post of a particular topic can be seen on the user’s screen.

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