Car strikes again in London


One person was killed and several others were injured in the carriage of pedestrians near a mosque in London, UK. London police thinks this attack is a “serious incident”

One person was arrested in this incident.
The London Metropolitan Police said that a speeding car was aboard the pedestrians on Sunday night near the Finsbury Park mosque in northern London. Many of them were injured. It is believed that most of the victims were returning after performing the Iftar and Evening prayers after the fasting of the day.

The Muslim Council of Britain says that a van has been ‘deliberately’ driven on the worshipers.

The video posted online after the attack was to be seen, after the people came forward to help the wounded, there was a great chaos. A person was seen in CPR on the road to the injured one in a person. On the side of the head, the person was immediately dressed in temporary dressing.

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