Finally 100 billion pounds in exchange for relief!


Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) from North Ireland’s team got support from the Conservative Leader Theresa May. The Conservative Party received 9 votes less than the required majority in the June 8 vote. And DUP got 10 seats. On the day of the fruit, I announced that they would hold parliament with the help of DUP. 17 days after the announcement, finally the agreement was signed between the two parties. After meeting between top leaders of the two parties at 10 Downing Street today, D. P. P. Erlin Foster said that we will support the Conservative party in parliament. Standing beside Theresa Mayo said that this agreement is very important for the interests of the whole country. Now we can work together.

Docking Street sources news, the main components of DUP-Conservative compromise are the money. The contract is concluded, Northern Ireland will receive more than one billion pounds of additional funding from Theresa government in the next two years. In return, the DUP will support the Conservative party during the voting in Parliament, in exchange for the breaks, national security and budget. Expectedly, in support of the Conservative team in all the decisions, there is no such agreement between the two groups. Because, there is a great difference in the ideology of both parties regarding abortion or same-sex marriage.

If there is a vote in Parliament on issues like abortion or gay marriage in the future, then the extremely hardliner group like DUP will never support the Theresa team. Gay marriage legal in Britain, except Northern Ireland only! Northern Ireland’s law is too tight for the rest of Britain in relation to abortion. As a result, avoidting all these things in the deal today, ‘important’ items like breaks, national security or budget are kept only.

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