‘I killed Diana on the orders of the royal family’!


‘I have killed Diana’, just a few words in front of the deceased British spy. But the whole world is boggling in it.

British Diary Princess of Wales. So just saying the heartthrob is less called. He died in a tragic car crash on 31 August 1997. John Hopkins murdered him on the orders of Diana, Britain’s royal family. The British spy itself claimed Tuesday at the deathbed. He was released a few days ago from a London hospital. She does not want to live for a long time because of her old age. In 1973-1999, he was involved in 23 assassinations, said the MI5 agent. Among her most notable Lady Dioner ‘Murder’. Nobody was able to break the orders of the royal family.
In a hurry to live in the hands of journalists, the driver lost control and lost control of a tunnel in Paris. His bodyguard and driver lost his life on the spot. Many said that driver Paul was alcoholic, so the accident happened. Paul’s autopsy was also found in several controversial medicines. But it’s not all that, everything is sorted, claims Hopkins.

After the accident, Diana’s bodyguard complained that Jubarani was murdered due to the royal family conspiracy. Accidents are actually sorted. But mendacious evidence. For many years he was in charge of the internal security of John Britain. Training as a mechanical engineer and weapon specialist. He knows better than death and destruction and who knows. Chemical or toxicology at his fingertips. So, he was the main person to remove the twins, said Hopkins. Eighty-year-old British citizen claimed that the MI-5 representatives quietly did the job. So nobody saw them publicly. He was one of the seven ‘kill’ experts. He has killed journalists, politicians and social workers in most cases. However, Princess Diana’s case is different. ‘Diana was the only woman whose mother I was behind, “Said Hopkins. The only elite family member of Dynae who removed Hopkins from the world. He had done this work according to the royal family’s instructions.

Diana’s murder was a conflicting issue for him. It is a wise and intelligent person. Someone did not want to kill him, but thinking about the Queen and the country was to kill Diana. But Hopkins did not tell how it happened. Because there is nothing bigger than the country. And how will he ignore Prince Philip’s instruction? Diana, therefore, has to be removed. Diana was so angry that she wanted to tell many things of the noble family openly, so the royal family did not want to save her alive. Diana is murdered in a deliberate manner by arranging very carefully.

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