I will kill all Muslims


A person has been arrested after prayers in a mosque in London, after caring for the worshipers. At that time, some people in the area were able to capture him.

In a report, the Daily Mail said.
Eyewitnesses said after the car was lifted on the worshipers, the attacker cried out, “I kill all Muslims. ‘

The worshipers were praying from the mosque of Finsbury Park mosque. At that time suddenly the car was placed on the devotees. Most of the victims were returning after performing the Iftar and Evening prayers after the fasting of the day. In addition to one killed, several pedestrians were injured.

The attacker was standing beside the Finsbury Park with a white van. When Muslims come out of Salat, the van starts running and suppresses the worshipers.

London police thinks this attack is a “serious incident” The accused has been arrested in this case.

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