Mortar-shelling exercises in Britain exploded, killed 2


During the practice of mortar-shelling one after another in the UK, two soldiers killed by the tanks burst. Two others were seriously injured

Britain’s defense minister Tobias Elroy confirmed the killing of two soldiers. The 48-hour ban has been imposed on the use of all the ammunition used in Britain.

Britain’s Challenger 2 tank trenches burst into a mysterious way, and the fire broke out in the tank. But the tank did not hit the ball. This practice was going on in the PembrokeSheer’s Celtemartin range of Wales.

Although two soldiers killed were reported to be 20 years old, their names were not disclosed. In the practice of the Royal Tank Regiment in Britain, it was involved. It claims itself as the oldest tank regiment in the world. Of course, this regiment has been deployed during the important conflict after the Second World War. The area is located in the 5900 acres area, and this area has been used since 1938 for fresh shoots.

Meanwhile, the British Defense Ministry spokesman said the country’s Defense Accident Section is investigating the incident with the assistance of civilian police.

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