Smoke on the number of deaths in the fire at the Greenfield Tower


Last Tuesday, a multi-storied building in the Greenfield Tower, a fog was set on the number of dead. According to the latest police information, the number of deaths so far is thirty-three.

Many more people are still missing. But they are not able to give the exact estimation of their number.
But Britain’s most popular singer Lily Allen claims that the actual number of deaths in the Greenfield Tower in London is actually being tapped. Another artist, Raper Akala, has claimed that the number of victims is being reduced.

There is speculation in the social media that the actual number of deaths in the Greenfail Tower is much higher than that of the media, but they are still not publishing the actual number. British news agency – BBC sources, according to sources, at least 76 people still missing. Among them are five members of a family of Bangladeshi origin.

The Metropolitan Police of London are responsible for telling the actual number of deaths. From their side there is no clear idea of ​​the number of casualties yet so far. In the case of this fire, the government of Prime Minister Theresa May has come under severe criticism. The Prime Minister Thresa May went to the spot on Tuesday but why are not they meeting the families of the victims?

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