The easiest way to find files in Google Drive ( with Video)


There is a lot of problem in keeping the data or images stored in the home without having an external hard disk. For them, Google brings Google Drive to save the file online.

Since then Google Drive Services became popular in the whole world. If a user wants to get 15 gigabytes of free space here. In this drive, all files including photos, videos, documents, audio, photos can be stored.
All good things also have a bad side. The main problem of Google Drive is that if you put many files in it, you get scared to find the files easily. If you follow some things you will not have to face any problems. Using the search tool, you can easily find the necessary files.

Here’s how to find a file from Google Drive more easily using the search options – First of all, login to Google Drive with the user name and password. Then on the ‘search drive’ you need to enter the name of the file you need to find or find.

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