The message of love reached the British Muslims


British Muslims protested the London Bridge attack A special volunteer organization official handed over 3000 pink flowers to Londoners and tourists.

A car hit several pedestrians on busy London Bridge. The eight passersby died on the spot. The British militants of Pakistan origin claimed responsibility for the incident.
In this incident, a special event has been organized to reach the families of the dead and the loved ones. The Londoners have been passionate about an incident in London. However, the agency has been informed that this special initiative has been taken to deliver the message of love among the people. Due to this sabotage, the fear of the people is born. He wanted to overcome the fear and reach the love of people.

In this context a person from that organization said that it will have to come forward against the extremists. And to the Muslims so that people do not lose faith, the Muslims have come forward to convey the message of love against this sabotage. The Muslims of the whole country have condemned this sabotage.

Many Londoners have also been attacked in the Boron Market and Voxhall area alongside the London Bridge. Also, the Arianna concert in Manchester was shaken by the explosion. About 16 thousand viewers attended the ceremony. Twenty-two spectators, including children, after dipping into a pair of blasts in a pair of consecutive pairs. This voluntary organization came forward against all these terrorism.

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