Again Van Attack in London


In London, a van carrying ‘van’ was attacked by a Bangladeshi man who died from the accident. Reports told Reuters news agency the police said.

But on Thursday, on the basis of the preliminary report of the autopsy, the person’s body was found to have many injuries, many injuries.
In the incident, this attack happened on Sunday night near Finsbury Park Mosque of Seven Sisters Road in north London. At that time, 51-year-old Bangladeshi-born Makram Ali, who was ill on the spot, fell ill on the spot just before the attack. After that he died due to car accidents or for some other reason he came to the primary post mortem report.

In a statement, the family of Makarama said that he had been suffering for a few days due to the sudden fall in the legs due to lack of strength. When the incident took place, he wanted to ‘come back home with rest’.

Maqram has described his family as ‘silent, gentleman’, who is not content with any animosity.

In the statement, the father of six children, who came to Britain from Bangladesh at the age of 10, said in the statement. Three used to perform regular prayers and play with grandchildren. The family of the deceased has not only been punished for his death but also the soul of the dead.

In the statement of Bangladesh High Commission in London, the birth of Makram Ali was told in Sylhet.

Police said the other injured were being treated at the hospital.

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